About Us

The data artisans.

I am Mark Farrington, the proud owner of Spiral Bookkeeping Ltd. and have been a woodturner for many years and in fact started my journey with numbers at the Ely Guild of Woodturners.

Woodturning is a craft and I apply the same approach to bookkeeping and working with numbers as I do to a block of wood. The working material is different but the approach is the same. They both have incredible potential if you apply time and skill.

The both of us are passionate about crafts and all things handmade, craft is all about using the skills that you have developed over many years of practice. It’s small businesses and individuals creating unique and individual items. The time and love that goes into each item is breathtaking – and worth every penny!

They will potentially be in a hands on / craft profession themselves. They will be practical, pragmatic and grounded but not boring, slow or in the past


I am fully licensed and regulated by the institute of certified bookkeepers.

Practice licence No 23148